The goal of Kocolene Marketing LLC is to be an excellent company. We define excellence as reaching our corporate potential when all of our employees perform up to the level of their individual potential all of the time. In short, doing the best we can, where we are, with which we have to work. This is our goal, our mission statement, and we are committed to it. We know this goal will take 100% effort 100% of the time...but it can be attained. We are sure you are aware that the distinctive feature of each human being is the fingerprint, your fingerprint is yours alone and sets you apart from all others.
In business, the distinctive feature of one company from another within the same industry is a company's philosophy of operation. At Kocolene, we have a unique philosophy which needs to be understood in order to reach our goal of being an excellent company:

1) The Golden Rule - We've all heard of it. Quite simply, this philosophy is to treat others like you would like to be treated.  This should extend to all business contacts: customers, suppliers, as well as fellow staff members.

2) Team Concept - Kocolene has its roots as a family company and we still feel strongly towards the close-knit, team concept of helping each other. None of us is as good as all of us! We can truly accomplish more working together than we can on our own.

3) 51% Philosophy - This is another team-building concept. You have no doubt heard people talk about splitting something "50-50" or meeting "half way". We feel we should all commit to going more than half way, more than 50%-we talk in terms of going 51% with our business contacts. Imagine the improved harmony if everyone committed to doing 1% extra or overlooked 1% of petty problems when working with others. We feel it is a key ingredient of an excellent company...and it only takes 1% more!

4) Professionalism - Kocolene has an excellent reputation within the petroleum industry. This has been accomplished over the years through tireless efforts of many people. We hope you understand that you will represent all those people who have preceded you. Their efforts to create good will and a good reputation with our customers is now like fine crystal in your hands. We ask that you be careful and respectful of the efforts of your predecessors. Being professional, 100% of  the  time, will maintain Kocolene's excellent reputation. Accept the Challenge! We're counting on you!

5) Commission vs. Omission - In any leadership position, decisions will sometime be made that prove to be in error. We feel errors can be classified into two types: errors of Commission or errors of Omission. An error of Commission happens when the decision maker analyzes a situation, draws a conclusion and makes a decision. Although proven to be incorrect in time, the leader did provide leadership and made a decision. An error of Omission occurs when a leader hesitates to commit to a decision and, therefore, does nothing. As a leader for Kocolene, you are accepted into a decision making position. Use all resources available to you, analyze all the information, than act. If the decision proves to be wrong, we can only critique, not criticize. We do not expect perfect leaders, we do, however, expect and want them  to be decision makers.

6) Communication - Poor communication is the number one problem in the world today! Think about it, if we really had good communication, many of other problems in our world would be solved or at least lessened. At Kocolene, we are focused on having effective communications. It is important to the success of our company and certainly a requirement to be an excellent company.

We are proud of our corporate philosophy and are committed to it.